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Indian Party Dress Formal for Women with Shari

Women love to wear elegant dress that will make them looks beautiful and glamour. About the elegant dress itself, there are plenty choices women can choose from the traditional elegant dresses to modern elegant dresses. Yes, you can appear elegantly even in custom or traditional clothes. In Indonesia for example, women loved to wear kebaya for their elegant dress. And in India, there are also some choices of Indian party dress formal for women you can find. Interested with them? Watch some of them here, right now. Read more »

Groom Sherwani Designs 2012 for Modern Wedding

In India, there are some traditional clothes for men and women that are very popular for the Hindu people in the entire of the world. What are they? It is good for us to know their clothes so we can recognize the country of people when we see people wearing the clothes. But this article will talk about one of many Indian clothes that are specially designed for men especially for grooms. These Indian groom outfits 2012 for men are named Indian gents’ sherwani dress. Read more »

Indian Dresses Designs Patterns for Ladies and Girls

India is a country in South Asia that, same with other countries, has many custom clothes for men and women from kids to adults. Indian clothes are made of many kinds suiting likes silk, cotton, and even velvet. Indian clothes also have many special characteristics like the ornaments are looks so crowded because they use many beads and also many sequins. The beads and sequins make the clothes or dresses look beauty, elegant, and trendy. This enables you to wear your Indian dresses to attend some parties like prom, wedding, and graduation. Read more »

Indonesian Actress with Kebaya Dress Pic

Welcome to the other article about kebaya, Indonesian custom cloth for women and girls. Kebaya is a kind of traditional cloth that’s specially designed for female only. Kebaya usually made of lace, transparent fabric, and brocade. In Indonesia, kebaya is usually worn by women and girls for graduation ceremony, for wedding ceremony, and for the other moments. About the design of kebaya, modern and original designs are available. Short sleeves, long sleeves, blouse model, and dress model of kebaya are also available in many options, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Read more »

Modern Kebaya Designers with Their Creativity and Ideas

Kebaya is a traditional cloth of Indonesia you can find. Kebaya is worn by women from the youngest girl to the eldest woman. Yes, kebaya is a custom cloth for female and it is usually used with sarong. But nowadays, kebaya is designed modernly to make the teenage girls love it. Kebaya modern can be used with skirt, sarong, or even jeans. You can find many new models of kebaya modern for girls and women with different impression. You can wear kebaya for many occasions you want likes graduation, wedding, prom, and the other moments either formal or casual. Read more »

Modern Trendy Casual Sherwani with Jeans for Grooms

In India, many men wear sherwani for their wedding. Yes, sherwani is the wedding dress for men, for groom in India. Actually, sherwani is a custom cloth from India for men. But nowadays, it is not a boring custom cloth anymore because you can wear another cloth with the sherwani. Sherwani with jeans are now popular in India, many men, especially the young men love to wear sherwani with jeans for their modern wedding. Let us see their looks in their sherwani with jeans. Read more »

Women’s Custom Green Red Pakistani Fashion

This earth is consists of many countries and all of them have their own custom clothes. A country usually has many custom clothes for women and men. Pakistan is a country in South Asia that is also has many custom clothes either for men or women. Their clothes will be interesting clothes if they have right colors. Green red Pakistani fashion for example, color combination between green and red will create a unique impression. What impression will be present? Read more »

Black Sherwani Designs 2012 with Compact Shari

Sherwani is a custom cloth from India that is specially designed for men, especially for groom. Yes, it is a wedding dress for men from India. The color, model, pattern, and design of Sherwani are available in many selections. There is a color of Sherwani that will represent the luxury and elegance of your wedding if you wear it, it is black. I would like to show you some pictures of black Sherwani designs 2012 for men and groom. See them now. Read more »

New Lawn Styles 2012 of Pakistani Dresses Design

Each country in this world has its own custom clothes. In Pakistan, there is a custom cloth that is specially designed for women, girls, and little girls, named lawn. Lawn is a traditional cloth but it is blossoms out accord with the development of the era. In this modern era, there are some new designs of lawn for women. In this 2012 year, you can find some new lawn styles 2012 that has been renewed than previous years. Just check them out and perhaps you will be interested to wear them. Read more »

Model Kebaya Long Dress with Elegant Effects

Each country in this world has its own custom clothes. In Indonesia, there is a custom cloth that is specially designed for women, girls, and little girls, named kebaya. Kebaya is a traditional cloth but it is blossoms out accord with the development of the era. In this modern era, there are some new designs of kebaya for women; one of them is the kebaya long dress. Model kebaya long dress itself available in many options, so you can choose one of them accord with your desire and wear them. Read more »