White Subway Tile Design Ideas for Bathroom

Bathroom is the second room that will be visited by your guests, after living room. If you want to impress your guests, you need to decorate your bathroom as well as you decorate your living room. One of many ways to decorate your bathroom is using subway tiles. Subway tile itself available in many selections of color, design, and pattern. You just need to choose one or more you like than install them in your bathroom’s walls and or floors.White Subway Tile

White subway tile is the best choice if you want to make your bathroom looks elegant and clean. But bathroom with one only color is not attractive and looks boring. I suggest you to use at least two colors for your bathroom. You can use white subway tile with another colored subway tile all at once in your bathroom. The easiest way is you install white subway tile in two sides of your bathroom’s walls and install another colored subway tile in two other sides.White Subway Tile Accent

Or you can combine those two colors white subway tile and the other one in each side creatively. Black subway tile is the best one you can install with white subway tile if you want to represent the elegance and modern looks. Then green and blue is the best color of subway tile you can mix and match with white subway tile to create a natural and fresh bathroom design. Don’t be scared to combine them but be wise too.White Subway Tile for Bathroom

Besides combining white subway tile with another colored subway tile, you also able to combine white subway tile with wall paint. We know that white is neutral color we can combine with any color we want. So you can pick your favorite wall paint color to paint your bathroom’s walls then install the white subway tile with that wall paint. This must be so great.