Special Unique Indian Artwork Pattern from India

India is a republic that the majority of the inhabitants are Hindu people (80.46%), Moslem people (13.43%), Christian people (2.34%), and Sikh people (1.87%), Buda people (0.77%) Jain people (0.41%), last is Jewish people. Just likes the other countries in the entire of the world, India has its own pop arts. There are many kinds of pop arts from India and it is good for us to know about them or some of them so we can get the best souvenir for our friends or family when we visit India.Indian Artwork Pattern

I will tell you some of many Indian artwork pattern kinds, perhaps you are interested to buy and get it for your collection stuffs. First Indian artwork pattern is about the pattern of the painting. They have some painting and clothes with some special designs for their art work likes elephant pictured artwork, pictures of Hindustani, and many other pictures. You can get them easily because there are so many people who sell this kind of Indian artwork.Indian Sand Art Patterns

Indian artwork pattern that’s different with the other is the Indian sand art. It is an artwork too but made of sand. You can find them in the areas whit so many sands likes in the beaches. Many Indian people love to make the sand art and that’s so unique. You can take some pictures of big shaped Indian sand art that you can buy as a souvenir. But if you can find some Indian sand art you can buy, just buy it and bring it to decorate your home.Indian Corn Art Pattern

Indian artwork pattern with corn shape is also very popular. Corn in India has unique display, and it is becomes great inspirations for Indian people to create crocheted artwork. Some crocheted artworks likes crocheted mittens and the other crocheted stuffs have corn shape and it is so cool. You won’t find something like this in the other country. So get your best souvenir from India.