Small Bathroom Subway Tiles — Best Colors and Sizes

In our home, we have a special room called bathroom. Why is it special? We can clean our body and refresh our mind there, by clean and fresh body; we will be able to appear beauty and good looking. Beside those function, bathroom is also able to influence our guests’ estimations. Sometimes, there are some guests who suddenly need to use our bathroom. And when they see our bathroom’s decoration, they will estimate what kind of family who lives there.Small Bathroom Subway Tiles

That’s why we need to decorate our bathroom as well as living room. But, decorating a small bathroom is harder than normal or wide bathrooms. Don’t worry about this small problem because I have some small bathroom subway tiles suggestions for you. First idea of small bathroom subway tiles is about the choice of bathroom subway tile’s size. No matter what’s your choice of your bathroom subway tile, you batter use small sized bathroom subway tile for small bathroom because small sized bathroom subway tile makes the bathroom looks big.Small Bathroom Design Ideas Subway Tile

Beside the size, you also need to think about small bathroom subway tiles’ colors. Don’t use dark colors for small rooms, included for small bathroom. Bright colors are better than dark colors because bright colors will perfectly catch the shines and they will glowingly when the shines touch them. With that glowingly bathroom subway tile, your bathroom will automatically looks wider and looser than before. That’s a good effect too.Small Bathroom White Subway Tile

Last idea of small bathroom subway tiles is the best one. If you really want to make your small bathroom looks looser with the help of bathroom subway tile, white colored subway tiles in very small size is the best. White color will reflect the shine it catches to all areas of bathroom and make it looks brighter. If your small bathroom in white colored subway tile is clean and bright, people will think that the room is wide.