Shoes Hello Kitty –Flats, Boots, Sneakers, and High Heels

Hello Kitty is a name of a character that’s designed by Sanrio, a Japanese company. Hello kitty has a full name called Kitty White that’s a personification of a white colored kitty with a ribbon or the other ornament in the left ear and un-draw mouth as its special characters. First time, Hello Kitty is introduced in Japan in 1974. The copyright of Hello Kitty is registered in 1976 and nowadays it becomes a trade mark in the entire of the world. In the beginning, the main marketing target of Hello Kitty is girls, but now Hello Kitty’s fans are consists of women or men from all ages. In Japan, Kitty-ra is a name of Hello Kitty’s lovers and collectors. Hello Kitty has been a subculture that’s represent Japanese culture.Shoes Hello Kitty

Are you a Kitty-ra? What Hello Kitty stuffs do you collect? How about collecting shoes Hello Kitty? Shoes Hello Kitty is available in many options, let us try to mix and match some of them. First is flat shoes Hello Kitty. Flat shoes Hello Kitty will look matches with shorts like short pant and short shirt. So many pictures of flat shoes Hello Kitty are available to be chosen. Buy some of them that you think are interesting and match with some of your outfits.Hello Kitty Shoes Boots

For fall and winter seasons, flat shoes Hello Kitty are not too matched. Shoes Hello Kitty boots are the best in those fall and winter season. About the model of Hello Kitty boots itself, ankle boots, knee high boots and thigh high boots are the most popular. You can wear your shoes Hello Kitty boots with warm clothes like long coat, turtleneck, or sweater and some crochet accessories for your winter style.Hello Kitty Nike ShoesHello Kitty High Heel Shoes

Shoes Hello Kitty sneakers are specially designed for sporty girls who love sports. This kind of shoes Hello Kitty enables you to do your sports comfortably and you won’t be bored to do them. And last if the high heels shoes Hello Kitty you can wear to attend parties. Collecting some of shoes Hello Kitty in your room will automatically show that you are the real Kitty-ra.