Semi Formal Attire for Men for Formals and Casuals

Clothes for formals and casuals are different. It is respectful if you wear casual clothes in formal occasions. And people will deride you when they see you wear formal clothes to hang out or go to the beach or to cinema. That will be so shameful. But how if you have a date with your girl after you work? You need formal clothes for work and casual style for your date. Wear your semi formal attire for men then.Semi Formal Attire for MenStylish Semi Formal Attire for Men

What’s semi formal attire for men? Semi formal attire for men is the clothes for men that you can wear for formals and casuals all at once. For example, you need to wear your western styled shirt to work with coat and pant complete with formal looks footwear. You can’t wear that kind of clothes to get a date with your girl, that’s not matches. Then you can make a change of your style. Perhaps, you can change the formal coat with vest or sweater over your shirt. You look formal in your shirt but the vest or sweater over it makes you looks a bit casual, at least you can get your date with better attire. Is it enough?Semi Formal Dress Shoes Men

Not yet. Semi formal attire for men is including the footwear too. What kinds of footwear you can wear to work and hang out all at once? It is loafers and boots. Sneakers are too casual and not good for work. But the leather shoes are too formal to hang out. Loafers and sneakers with many choices of design and style enable you to choose the best one that’s matches with your semi formal attire for men. Don’t forget some accessories like scarf, it is simple but useful to perfect your looks, both formals and casuals. Do you have some semi formal attires for men in your wardrobe?