Nike Football Shoes 2013 is Nike Tiempo Legend IV

Nike Inc. is a company that’s provides sport shoes, sport clothes and outfits, and sport tools from united States of America that’s also one of the biggest companies in the world. They are popular because they sponsor some famous athletes in the world such as Tiger Woods, Ronaldo, and Michael Jordan. They are also have some treaties with plenty world’s football clubs. Nike provides many sport tools for men and women, in many sizes for all ages. Let us see some of new Nike football shoes 2013.Nike Football Shoes 2013

Nike Tiempo Legend IV is one of many Nike football shoes 2013 that’s matches with its name, Legend. These Nike football shoes 2013 become a pioneer of the emergence of Tiempo Ronaldinho Dois that’s become the mainstay of Ronaldinho till this time. Even if the color of this Nike Tiempo Legend IV is not too striking, but this kind of Nike football shoes 2013 is included in high class. Since the first release in 1994 till this 2013, Nike Tiempo is the football shoes that are easiest adaptable with any conditions. Nike Tiempo Legend IV still defends cool colors, simple but clear. In this year, Nike Tiempo Legend IV represents red and black colors.New Nike Football Shoes 2013

Nike football shoes 2013 especially Nike Tiempo Legend IV still defends its mainstay material. The majority of Nike Tiempo Legend IV’s front part is made of K-leather to keep the perfectness every time it is touches the ball. The middle and heel parts are made of Kanga-Lite material to increase the shoes’ endurance and retention of waters.Nike Football Shoes 2013 Pic

Are you a footballer? Are you interested to get one of the new Nike football shoes 2013, the Nike Tiempo Legend IV? In August 2012, this Nike Tiempo Legend IV has been marketed in £ 120 GBP / $ 150 USD / € 135 Euro. Get the best football game with the new product of Nike football shoes now.