Nail Ideas for Short Nails in Some Seasons

Nail art so popular, nail ideas for short nails is related with the nail polish and false nail. Let your short nails opened and beautify it with cute and cool colorful nail polish. I recommend using maximal two color schemes of nail polish ideas for short nails. Too many colors of nail ideas for short nails will make the nails looks full, crowded, and un-interesting. So make sure that your short nails looks cute and simple with the nail polish.Nail Ideas for Short Nails

The best pattern of nail ideas for short nails is plain. Just color your nails is enough. If your nails are so short, you better color it with one or two colors of nail polisher. But than two colors of nail polisher, it is better to use one only color and block all surfaces of your short nails. But if you are not contented with one only color, you can use another color that’s the scheme is not too different with the first to beautify your short nails together. For example, if the first color is sky blue, ocean blue is good for the second.Winter Nail Designs for Short Nails

Nail ideas for short nails for winter is also available here. Winter is a season of cold weather, snow, and Christmas. Nail ideas for short nails for winter are related to blue, white, red, and green. Blue is the color of water. White is for the snow in winter. Red and green is as the symbol of Christmas. About the pattern of your nail ideas for short nails, snow chips pattern with blue and white color or red and green colored Christmas tree are some choices from all.Easy Nail Designs for Short Nails for Fall

Last nail ideas for short nails are for fall season. Nail ideas for short nails in fall season is identical with trees, leaves, and flowers, plants, and fruits patterns with any color you want. But the best colors for falls are some natural colors like green and flowers’ colors. The nail ideas for short nails for summer and spring are different and you can find them in another article of this blog.