Nail Designs 2012 Summer Colors and Patterns with Accessories

In summer, some people get summer holiday and they usually exploit this moment to go picnic to the beach or another place. What about you? Are you planning to go picnic too? Then you have to prepare your looks, right? What things are including in your looks? Clothes, outfits, finery, and accessories are some of many. Nail art can be a good choice for your accessory. But you can’t pick any nail art without adjusting it with your outfits because you won’t get the maximal looks for your special holiday.Nail Designs 2012 Summer

Best nail designs 2012 summer about the color is fresh and quiet colors. What colors are included in this kind of color? Lime green, sky blue, ocean blue, and cyan are some you can choose. Lime green is the color of freshness and nature. Blue is the color of water and sky which always looks fresh and cool or chilly. By applying those fresh colors in your finger nails and toe nails, you will bring the freshness wherever you go. And don’t ever forget to wear same colored clothes and outfits or accessories with the nail arts.Summer Nail Designs 2012 Tumblr

If you are too bored with plain patterned nail art, you can try the nail designs 2012 summer with some unique patterns for finger and toe. For summer the best patterns are some patterns that will reflect the freshness too. Fruit patterned nail designs 2012 summer are good. All of us know that fruits will always symbolize the freshness and sweetness, so you can make people think that your nail art with fruit patterns is so cute, freshener, and sweet.Toe Nail Designs 2012 Summer

Both ideas above about nail designs 2012 summer from the colors to the patterns you can apply to beautify your finger nails and toe nails all at once. Same color and pattern for toe and finger will create harmony impression of your looks. It will be best if you wear same colored and patterned accessories too.