Jessica Alba Wearing Short Clothes for Great Inspirations

Jessica Marie Alba is a 32 aged actress who’s becomes famous from the main film such as Dark Angel, Sin City, Fantastic Four, Into the Blue, and Idle Hands. She becomes very popular as Hollywood top actress. Her popularity causes Jessica Alba becomes a trend setter for many girls who loves her style and fashion. For Jessica Alba’s fans, I have some pictures of Jessica Alba wearing short clothes which may inspire you about your fashion and style in shorts.Jessica Alba Wearing Short

First picture is about Jessica Alba wearing short pant that you can imitate for your relaxing moments in casual style. By wearing short pant, you will be able to appear sexily likes Jessica, about wearing short pant; I have some tips you have to watch. First, wear your short pant with loose top, cardigan, cape, blouse, and the other tops that are able to cover your chest perfectly. For elegant but simple impression, wear short pant with basic blazer. Second, choose short pant that’s a bit loose to enables you to move comfortably and freely. For footwear, you can choose between flat shoes or kitten heels.Jessica Alba Wearing Short Skirt

Jessica Alba wearing short skirt in casual style, you can imitate her style but watch some tips here. You can wear your short skirt to hang out, but you should get the best tops with short skirt. Blouse is the best top for short skirt, but you better avoid the blouse that the model is too vulgar, tight, or sexy except you want to wear it in beach. Covered tops like western styled shirt and long sleeves shirts are better. If you really want to wear tube top or tank top, you better wear it with jacket or loose cardigan.Jessica Alba Wearing Short Dress

Last picture is Jessica Alba wearing short dress that’s comfortable and good for hang out. For your casual short dress likes Jessica’s short dress, you can wear jeans pant and blazer either plain patterned or decorative patterned. Beside blazer, the other alternative is cardigan, either knitted cardigan or jersey cardigan, it is better if the cardigan is not too thick. About footwear, wedges, stile toes, and flat shoes are the best. Shawl can be a great accessory with your short dress. About the other accessory (bag), sling bag is for relaxing impression, clutch bag for elegant looks, and tote bag for casual style.