Indonesian Actress with Kebaya Dress Pic

Welcome to the other article about kebaya, Indonesian custom cloth for women and girls. Kebaya is a kind of traditional cloth that’s specially designed for female only. Kebaya usually made of lace, transparent fabric, and brocade. In Indonesia, kebaya is usually worn by women and girls for graduation ceremony, for wedding ceremony, and for the other moments. About the design of kebaya, modern and original designs are available. Short sleeves, long sleeves, blouse model, and dress model of kebaya are also available in many options, from the cheapest to the most expensive.Indonesian Actress with Kebaya Dress Pic

Here I have some Indonesian actress with kebaya dress pictures that will show you that even actresses in Indonesia love to wear the custom cloth with many modern designs. I’m sure you know the international singer from Indonesia named Agnes Monica. Oftentimes, she wears her kebaya dress with transparent design and the other designs of kebaya. She chooses the best kebaya she wears to apply in the stage. And if you see and interested with the design and model of her kebaya, you can imitate and make it by your self.Indonesian Actress with Kebaya Dress Picture

Another Indonesian actress with kebaya dress pic is Yuni Shara. Yuni is also a singer of Indonesia. Beside a singer, she is also a mother, no wonder that the design and model of the kebaya she chooses is more complex and traditional. But this style is good for women over 40. If the teenagers love the modern kebaya with jeans, the older ladies can wear some kebayas with this style and model. And about the color, magenta, maroon, and the other dark colors are the best.Indonesian Actress with Kebaya Dress Photo

Indonesian actress with kebaya dress pic the last is Ashanty who wears the wedding dress kebaya for her wedding. Ashanty wears her special wedding dress kebaya when she marries Anang, a singer too. So, knowing that there are so many actresses in Indonesia wearing kebaya, you can also wear kebaya you like for your special moments.