How Do Men in Shirts Looks Like?

Shirt is one of many clothes for women and men either kids or adults. Shirt itself divided in to some kinds like T shirt, polo shirt, western style shirt, jersey, and the others. Each of the shirts will give the wearer different style and impression for people who see it. You have to know what style and impression will appear from the shirt you wear so you can wear the right shirt and get the right impression you want. Now, let us talk about three impressions of men in different shirts. Let’s begin with the T shirts.Men in Shirts

T shirt is the most casual styled shirt; men in shirts will look like so young and not mature. So if you want to appear looks like a man, you need to avoid T shirt for your casual style. T shirt is the best shirt you can wear to hang out with your friends; usually T shirt is made of cotton that’s able to pervade the sweats so you can do anything without worrying about your sweats and the sultry. Now, watch the second kind of shirt.Men in Polo Shirts

Men in shirts, especially men in polo shirt look more polite and a little bit mature than a man in T shirt. If you want to go pick your girl up and you need to see the parent of your girl, polo shirt is not too bad. You don’t need to wear the western style shirt because it is too formal and not matches for you if you just want to hang out.Men Jean Shirts

And the last is about the jean shirt, it is a shirt that’s made of thin jean suiting with casual style certainly. Men in shirts, in jean shirts I mean, look naughty and it is identical with street style. You can wear this kind of shirt for your moments with your friends, with the other boys. It is not too good if you wear the jean shirt to have a date with your girl.