High Heels Bilder in Unique Designs and Models

Shoe is included in footwear that’s usually consists of some parts like sole, heel, cover, and string or lace. Shoe is grouped based on the function or type, such as formal shoes, casual shoes, shoes for dancing, sneakers, brogan, orthopedics shoes, and minimalist shoes. And about the unit of shoes’ size, there are some standards that are different in some countries of the world. And there are some shoes that are differently designed for men and women accord with the function and the compatibility with the clothes.High Heels Bilder Photo

For women, high heels are very important. High heels have many functions such as increase the elegance and beauty of the wearer. High heels also make the wearer looks higher certainly, especially if the heels are so high. We have to know about some unique designed high heels so we can get the best one that’s matches with out gowns or dresses we wear to the parties. Here are several high heels bilder I’ll share.High Heels Bilder

The most popular high heels for women are they which have spikes. Spikes make the women looks luxurious and awesome because women need high skill to walk securely over their high heels with spikes. First high heels bilder here is Lamborghini styled high heels shoes. I think this picture is unique and creative. If you have a Lamborghini, this kind of high heels shoes will represent your Lamborghini’s luxury with your silver or glittering long gown.High Heels Bilder Pic

Or you can wear the other high heels bilder with wine glass shaped spikes. You know that wine glass’s holder is so thin and made of glass that’s fragile; and know, you get that fragile wine glass’ holder as your high heels’ spike. That’s so wonderful! Then, wear this kind of high heel shoes with your most elegant long gown, and if it is possible, get the same colored gown with your high heel.