Hello Kitty Pink Collections for Hello Kitty’s Fans

Hello Kitty is a name of a character that’s designed by Sanrio, a Japanese company. Hello kitty has a full name called Kitty White that’s a personification of a white colored kitty with a ribbon or the other ornament in the left ear and un-draw mouth as its special characters. First time, Hello Kitty is introduced in Japan in 1974. The copyright of Hello Kitty is registered in 1976 and nowadays it becomes a trade mark in the entire of the world. In the beginning, the main marketing target of Hello Kitty is girls, but now Hello Kitty’s fans are consists of women or men from all ages. In Japan, Kitty-ra is a name of Hello Kitty’s lovers and collectors. Hello Kitty has been a subculture that’s represent Japanese culture.Hello Kitty Pink

Are you a Kitty-ra? Look at your room and see how many goods of Hello Kitty pink inside your room. Complete your stuffs of Hello Kitty pink collection to become a true Kitty-ra. Let us see some Hello Kitty pink goods you can get and bring outside to show people that you are a Kitty-ra. Hello Kitty pink shoes either high heels, sneakers, or boots are the first.Hello Kitty Pink Dress

Second Hello Kitty pink stuff you can wear with the shoes is casual dress. Do you have a Hello Kitty pink casual dress? Get it and wear it with your Hello Kitty pink shoes. But don’t get the same pink color scheme of Hello Kitty pink casual dress and Hello Kitty pink shoes. Get darker pink color scheme for your Hello Kitty pink dress if the Hello Kitty shoes have light pink color scheme.Hello Kitty Pink PurseHello Kitty Pink Purse1

Girl usually brings a purse to keep their self phone, money, and cosmetic tools. Hello Kitty pink purse with pale scheme is the best to be combined with the stuffs before. Get those Hello Kitty pink collections now to become a true Kitty-ra.