Hello Kitty Collection in Bedroom, Wardrobe, and Dressing Table

Hello Kitty is a name of a character that’s designed by Sanrio, a Japanese company. Hello kitty has a full name called Kitty White that’s a personification of a white colored kitty with a ribbon or the other ornament in the left ear and un-draw mouth as its special characters. First time, Hello Kitty is introduced in Japan in 1974. The copyright of Hello Kitty is registered in 1976 and nowadays it becomes a trade mark in the entire of the world. In the beginning, the main marketing target of Hello Kitty is girls, but now Hello Kitty’s fans are consists of women or men from all ages. In Japan, Kitty-ra is a name of Hello Kitty’s lovers and collectors. Hello Kitty has been a subculture that’s represent Japanese culture.Hello Kitty Collection Tumblr

If you are also a Kitty-ra, you have to see your room, your wardrobe, and your dressing table; can you find many Hello Kitty collections there? Complete your Hello Kitty collection to be real Kitty-ra. Let us begin from your bedroom. If you love both pink and Hello Kitty, you can decorate your bedroom with Hello Kitty collection. At least, there are two ways you can use to decorate your bedroom with Hello Kitty collection. First, block all of the walls with Hello Kitty pictures. Second, place some bedroom furniture (including bed, wardrobe, dressing table, bed sheet, mat or carpet, curtain) with Hello Kitty characters.Hello Kitty Collection Flickr

You can show to people that you are a Kitty-ra by bringing your Hello Kitty collection out with you wherever you go. Therefore you need to look up your wardrobe. Do you have some clothes, outfits and accessories with Hello Kitty characters inside your wardrobe? If you have some tops, footwear, accessories, and outfits with Hello Kitty characters, you can wear them to hang out and let people see your Hello Kitty collection.Hello Kitty Collection

Beside your wardrobe, you also need to watch your dressing table. Why? Check if your cosmetic tools have Hello Kitty characters too. It will be so great if you can bring your Hello Kitty cosmetic collection in a Hello Kitty bag everywhere you go. You can dress up every time you need and show your Hello Kitty collection all at once.