Gucci Belt Bag for Women and Men

Gucci is a company that’s provides fashion stuffs from clothes, outfits, to accessories. This company is made by Guccio Gucci in 1921 at Firenze. In the beginning, Jerilos handled Gucci, and in 1938 Gucci evolve a boutique in Rome. After Jerilos’s death in 1953, Aldo handled the company as the highest leader and he opened boutiques in London, Paris, and New York. And in 1960’s Gucci expended the company in Hong Kong and Tokyo. In Gucci, you can find many fashion stuffs you want to beautify your self. Let us see a product from Gucci for women.Gucci Belt Bag

Gucci belt bag is one of many Gucci’s bag products for women. Gucci belt bag is available in many choices of color. Blue, pink, brown, and yellow are some of many selections. Gucci belt bag is matches for your casual clothes; you can bind it and use the strap of that Gucci belt bag as your trendy casual belt. Then use the Gucci belt bag itself to keep your goods like purse, self phone, cosmetic tools, and the other things you want to bring.Gucci Belt Bag Blue

Gucci belt bag is also multi purpose bag, you can reefed the belt and bring it as a hand bag to attend parties. The color of your Gucci belt bag should be same with your cloth’s color for maximal impression. For example, you can bring your pink Gucci belt bag with pink colored long dress and do the same thing for the other colored of Gucci belt bag.Gucci Belt Bag Brown with Web Strap

Gucci belt bag is so simple but very useful for women who always needs something to keep their many stuffs. There are also many choices of Gucci belt bag for men too; so you can get for you and your couple with same color for harmony and compact impression. Are you interested?