Formal Wear 2012 for Men with New Style

The kinds of wear generally divided in to three; they are casual wear, semi formal wear, and formal wear. Each kind of those wears is also different for women and men. Formal wear for men for example, it is absolutely different with formal wear for women. Women need skirt, tight skirt especially for their formal meeting. But men need long trouser and it is loose. From the styles, formal wear for women is available in many options. But formal wear for men is available in same styles but different color only.Formal Wear 2012 for Men

But you can do something to make your formal wear looks different and unique. Here I have some ideas of formal wear 2012 for men with different style you can try to work or go attend some meetings. Let’s begin with the first formal wear 2012 for men; it is about the color combination. You need something different? Then you have to be brave to combine some colors for your trouser, shirt, and coat or blazer. If you want, you can wear a shirt with line patterns or plaid pattern and combine with the blazer or coat that the color is same with the basic color of your shirt. And the trouser should have compact color with the shirt too.Formal Wear for Men 2012

Formal wear 2012 for men in the second picture shows us the new style of formal wear for men for the men who love jeans. The trouser and the shirt are looks like jeans but it is just about the color. It is formal wear so you can’t wear your jeans, but you can get the style from the blue jeans colored shirt and pant. Then about the coat or blazer, contrast color can be a good choice.2012 Formal Wear for Men

Beside the shirt and pant, you can also make a different style with your formal wear 2012 for men for the coat or blazer. Generally, formal wear 2012 for men is identical with boring shaped coat or blazer, but you can change it by wearing a blazer with unique or decorative collar and color. It must be so great for you to work.