Dresses of Selena Gomez Inspirations

Selena Marie Gomez is a 20 aged actress, who is also a singer and a songwriter, who is popular after her serial in Disney Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena Gomez becomes so popular till now and there are many girls who love Selena Gomez as their idol. No wonder that Selena becomes a famous trend setter about fashion and style for girls. Based on that fact, I give you some dresses of Selena Gomez pictures and the explanations to increase your inspirations about fashion and style.Dresses of Selena Gomez

Dresses of Selena Gomez are different for different moments too. The first picture of dresses of Selena Gomez is a prom dress with one shoulder strap that’s looks nice and chic. From the idea above, we can imitate her style and get short dress with one only shoulder strap that the strap is unique and beautifully designed. With this dress, high heels, and purse, we can make many parties become merry with out appearance.Casual Dresses of Selena Gomez

Second dresses of Selena Gomez designed in casual style for hang out or get date. Short casual dress from cotton or nylon is good for activities in summer. And for winter season with its cold weather, knitted or crocheted sweater dress from wool is the best one. That dress will make us feel warm and cozy, the other function of that dress is we can appear stylishly and beautiful. We can wear this dress with pant or just wear it without any additional. Thigh high boots with or without heels are great with this dress too.Dress Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Last are dresses of Selena Gomez for formal occasion that you can wear with your couple. Long gown with double shoulder straps and strapless long gown are great for formals, especially if the color is dark. Then you can ask your boy to get the same colored suit or at least, a part of his suit.