Create Your Own Semi Formals for Men’s Styles!

There are three styles available for men and women, either kids or adults. They are formal style, casual style, and semi formal style. We won’t talk about the formal and casual but we will discuss about the last one, semi formals for men. Semi formal style is different with formal and casual but actually that’s a combination between the formal style and the casual one. So when you wear your casual clothes with your formal clothes, you wear your semi formal clothes.Semi Formals for Men

Now, let us see how can we create our own semi formals for men, just look at the pictures and you’ll get the ideas. First picture for example, you can see a man in his western styled shirt and coat but he wears his jeans pant with it. You can imitate his way to wear the semi formals in your daily. Another style of semi formals for men you can see in the other picture below.Semi Formal for Men Jeans

What can you learn for that picture? Yes, wear your jeans pant with your blazer, you can choose the blazer you like, is it formal or casual. Then choose your western style shirt, it is formal to make your style looks semi formal. Then about your footwear, leather shoes are the best one you can wear with your semi formal style. Are you interested with the ideas you’ve read in the first and second paragraphs? Or you want see the last one?Semi Formal for Men Fashion

If you don’t like wearing coat or blazer, you can try the last alternative for your last semi formals for men ideas. Wear your vest over your shirt with your jeans pant. This style looks not too formal but inclined to looks like casual. This kind of semi formals for men is matches with loafers, so choose the loafers that’s looks compatible with this style.