Clip Art for Wedding Invitation — Great Meanings

Wedding is a special moment when two becomes one; unite two different personalities in to one and the time when you get a new page of stories in your love. When you are planning with your couple about your wedding party, you need to prepare some important things like wedding suit for groom, bridal dress for bride, wedding theme and decoration, and wedding invitations. Wedding invitations should interest and unique designed to impress and attract your family, friends, and the others to come and enjoy your party. There are many symbols of wedding you can use as your clip art for wedding invitation. Let us see three of them.Clipart for Wedding Invitation

The first clip art for wedding invitation is doves. Dove in Greece mythology is chosen to represents love, monogamy, and loyalty in relationships. Dove’s couple is only one for whole live, dove also knows how important the cooperation is. Watch the doves when they are building their nest, the male one and the other female will work together to build their nest and to care their kids. Doves’ personalities that are so holy are so good to be the symbol of your wedding in your clip art for wedding invitation.Wedding Clipart for Invitations

Second clip art for wedding invitation is two swans face to face with love shape from their necks. What’s the meaning of this symbol? Swan is a bird that’s symbolizes true love although this bird is not as popular as dove. Just like dove, swan is also a monogamy bird, it loves its only couple, and it is reproducing with its only couple. The true love symbol of two swans is also good to be a clip art for wedding invitation.Clip Art for Wedding Invitation

The last one of clip art for wedding invitation that’s the most popular is two united rings. This last symbol has four purposes. First, it is the symbol of immortal togetherness. Second, it is symbolizes glory and strength. Third purpose of two united rings is unity of two personalities and two different guys become one. And the last purpose of the last clip art for wedding invitation is the evidence of endless love and a commitment. Which one you will pick for your clip art for wedding invitation?