Clip Art Borders for Wedding Invitations

Wedding is a special moment when two becomes one; unite two different personalities in to one and the time when you get a new page of stories in your love. When you are planning with your couple about your wedding party, you need to prepare some important things like wedding suit for groom, bridal dress for bride, wedding theme and decoration, and wedding invitations. Wedding invitations should interest and unique designed to impress and attract your family, friends, and the others to come and enjoy your party. There are many symbols of wedding you can use as your clip art for borders of wedding invitation. Let us see three of them.Clip Art Borders

The first of clip art borders for wedding invitation is some flowers complete with several leaves. Flower is beautiful, the symbol of beauty and fragrance. In many weddings, we can see that flower is as popular as a decoration. Flower hand bouquet for brides is also popular in the entire of the world. In your wedding invitation, clip art borders with flower in each corner symbolize the hope of newlywed. So you can consider using clip art borders with flower in the corners.Clip Art Borders Wedding

Clip art borders for wedding invitation with ribbon and bells are also good idea. Ribbon looks nice as clip art border and it is usually has two bells in the corner. What’s the meaning of ribbon with bells? Bell is the symbol of lucky. In past, people though that bell is able to chase away the devil and its bad aura. By using the bells and ribbon in your wedding invitation as clip art borders, you will represent lucky aura in your wedding.Clip Art Borders Wedding Invitation

And the last one of clip art borders is ribbon with love symbol, that’s so popular in young couple. It has no special meaning, but it is a good choice too. Red colored symbol of heart looks so romantic and energetic, and it is good for newlywed. From all above, which one do you love?