Bright, Soft, and Shiny Choices of 2012 Summer Nail Color

Hi girls, welcome to the other topic about nail accessory. In this occasion, I will share about nail colors, especially 2012 summer nail color ideas you can apply to your nails either finger nails or toe nails. No, we won’t talk about how to create some unique designs or about how to combine some colors. But we will discuss about the ideas of nail colors that are matches in summer season when it is identical with hot weather and selecting the best clothes for summer. Not only the clothes, you also need to choose the best 2012 summer nail color for your nails.2012 Summer Nail Color

You have to know about this 2012 summer nail color because if you pick and use wrong color for summer, you will look weird and boring. I tell you that the best 2012 summer nail color is bright colors. Just likes the picture above, pink, orange, yellow, lime green, emerald green, bright blue, electric purple are some of many bright 2012 summer nail colors you can use to beautify your nails. Is that all? Not yet, watch the next picture.Summer 2012 Nail Polish Color Trend

Softer 2012 summer nail colors likes the colors of apricot, coral, magenta, rose, lemon, chartreuse, turquoise, and aqua are also great. Those colors are not only soft but also fresh, so matches for summer. In summer, many people will use the clothes which make them feel fresh so they can enjoy their activities, you can do the same thing with your nails. Make them looks fresh so you won’t be bored to see them.2012 Nail Colors for Toes

Need another inspiration? Or want something different for your nails? Perhaps you love something shiny likes glittering nail polishers. Look at the last picture with some choices of glittering 2012 summer nail color. Beside fresh and bright, the nail polishers above are also able to make your nails looks shiny and glittering in the days and the nights. You can appear cutely with this last nail polisher.