Adidas Football Shoes 2013 and Its History

Adidas is a textile company from German that’s built by Adolf Dassler who produced shoes since 1920’s in Herzogenaurach near by Nuremberg. Adidas has a legal logo that’s shaped by same colored three parallel stripes that’s always appears in all products of Adidas like Adidas’s shoes, Adidas’s clothes, and the others as Adidas performance logo. During 80 years, Adidas has been a part of sports in all sectors that’s always provides shoes, clothes, and variations of sports tools.Adidas Football Shoes 2013

There are some Adidas performance shoes available, we will talk about one of them that are named Adidas Predator. Adidas Predator is the latest Adidas football shoes 2013 that are also a name of many football shoes from Adidas that’s first launched in 1994 by Craig Johnston, a popular football player from England. Since that time, Adidas produced this Adidas Predator when there are some the big sites held complete with the ball. The newest Adidas football shoes 2013 are Adidas Predator Lethal Zones for Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.New Adidas Football Shoes 2013

Before Adidas football shoes 2013 or Adidas Predator Lethal Zones, there are some Adidas football shoes that are available in many versions of Adidas Predator Absolute, they are Adidas Predator Absolute (with Power Pulse technology), Adidas Predator Absolute David Beckham (special designed for David Beckham), and the last is Adidas Predator Absolion (without Power Pulse Technology).Adidas Football Shoes 2013 Pic

Since 1994, there are many Adidas football shoes that are become the pioneer of Adidas football shoes 2013 such as Predator (World Cup in 1994), Predator Rapier (1995, not for special site), Predator Touch (Euro in 1996), Predator Accelerator (World Cup in 1998), Predator Precision (Euro in 2000), Predator Precision2 in 2001, Predator Mania (World Cup in 2002), Predator Pulse (Euro in 2004), Predator Absolute (World Cup in 2006), Predator Absolado (2011, not for special site), and Predator Lethal Zones for Euro 2012.