2012 Nail Designs Ideas for Seasons

What do you think about accessories? Some girls said that accessories are some things that we can use to beautify our selves and the others said that accessories are everything we should have to impress people. Which one is your opinion? Is the accessory is the most important thing for you? Or is it just the things that have same function with clothes? My opinion is number two. But let us talk about an accessory for our nails that will beautify us and make us looks chic.Winter Nail Designs 2012 Tumblr

I have some 2012 nail designs that I’ll share to you, the nail designs are for the spring, winter, and autumn. Yes, for each season, there are some different nail designs you can choose. For winter for example, you need the 2012 nail designs with warm colors that will make your appearance looks warm and friendly. Yellow, orange, bright red and golden are some colors that reflect the warmth. You can also combine those warm colors with black or grey that is also identical with warm impression to maximize the warmth of your looks.Spring 2012 Nail Designs

Next 2012 nail designs are for the spring, the season when the plants and flowers are re-florescent. In this season, you can pick some 2012 nail designs polisher with the colors of flower or plant then decorate your nails with the patterns of leaf or flower. It must be so nice and matches with the season and the views outside. Then about your clothes, you need to pick some clothes that the patterns and colors are matches with your nail arts.2012 Nail Designs

2012 nail designs for autumn are not too different with the 2012 nail designs for spring, because the views outside is still about the plants, trees, flowers, and leaves. So you can do the same way for your nails just like you beautify them in the spring. Now, let us start decorating our nails.