Wearing Long Dress Kebaya Every Time

Kebaya is one of many traditional clothes from Indonesia. In Indonesia, kebaya usually used as wedding dress, for graduation ceremony, and the other occasions. Generally, kebaya is always used with sarong and head dress; but nowadays you will find many new styles of kebaya that you can wear without sarong. They are long dress kebaya and short sleeves kebaya that you can wear with pants.Long Dress Kebaya

Long dress kebaya is available in many selections such as long dress kebaya with long sleeves, long dress kebaya with short sleeves, and sleeveless long dress kebaya. As I say above, you can wear long dress kebaya as your wedding dress or as your graduation dress. For wedding ceremony, you are allowed to choose any kind of long dress kebaya that you like. But for graduation ceremony, it is better for you to wear simple designed long dress kebaya because it is suitable for teenagers and kids. Long dress kebaya is simpler than usual kebaya because you won’t need to wear sarong as its complement.Long Dress Kebaya Picture

Do you love collecting things accord with your favorite color? Then you can buy or make your own long dress kebaya from the suiting that has your favorite color. Actually, just as usual kebaya, long dress kebaya is available in many selections of color too, from the brightest to the darkest one. Each color will give you different impression accord with the color that you choose.Long Dress Kebaya Photo

Dark colors of long dress kebaya will make you looks elegant, especially if you wear it to attend some programs in the nights. Consolidate the elegance by wearing glittering dark colored high heels shoes and same colored hand bag or purse. Another accessory that you can wear with your long dress kebaya is scarf, bracelets, necklace, and head dress. Make sure that the color of them is same with the color of kebaya and the other accessories so you will get harmony and balance appearance.