Want to be Likes Skinny Nicole Richie? Think Again

Hi, welcome once again in Several Fashion Update. It is another article about actress who has been a famous trend setter in the sector of girls and women. Do you know who I mean? The name is Nicole Richie; she is an actress, designer, and socialite from US. She becomes popular in film entertainment since 2003. Nicole Richie is a normal woman with good body shape, but lately she becomes skinny Nicole Richie with very thin body. Let us talk about skinny Nicole Richie in this article.Skinny Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie said that she is too thin and she doesn’t like it, so if you see her and you want to be likes her; you better forget your desire. Her thin body is not deliberateness, actually she gets really stressed out and she loses her appetite. Actually, she scared her thinness will be serious condition so she force herself to eat many calories and go to see the nutritionists and the doctors; just to recover her condition and throw the skinny Nicole Richie and back to normal Nicole Richie.Thin Nicole Richie

I know that you may think that being likes skinny Nicole Richie will easier you to choose the best clothes, dress, and outfits because you don’t need to adjust your clothes with your body plus size body. But it is not good for your healthy so keep eating healthy foods and fulfill your nutrition requirements. It is better to be satisfied to your own body and healthy than seeing and envying another body shape. About your clothes you can choose any cloth you want as long as it is fit to your body and able to make you feel comfort.Anorexia Nicole Richie

So, if you want to be likes skinny Nicole Richie, you better considers it seriously for the second time before you make your decision because it will influence your healthy and your appearance certainly.