Variation of Women Clothes in Pakistan

Women clothes are very complex, from the lingerie that is much more than men’s underwear, to the casual or formal clothes. Beside the quantity, women clothes are available in many options, and each country in the entire of the world has their own custom clothes. Indonesia has kebaya as its custom cloth for women, but now we won’t talk about Indonesian women’s custom cloth; we will talk about women clothes in Pakistan called kurta or kurti, burqa, salwaar kameez, and saree.Women Clothes in Pakistan

First of women clothes in Pakistan is kurta or kurti. Kurta is a kind of cloth that is loose and that the under part is reaches the knee. Now for women actually, but men in Pakistan also wears the kurta. Usually kurta is used with paijama, salwar kameez, churidar, or dhotis. But in this modern era, kurta can be combined with jeans trouser. In Pakistan, kurta and kurti (kurti is shorter than kurta) usually used as casual cloth and for formal moments. Generally, women wear the kurti that is lighter in weight than kurta with blouse and jeans.Women Fashion Clothes in Pakistan

Next women clothes in Pakistan are salwar kameez (shalwar kameez or shalwar qameez). This kind of women clothes in Pakistan has a special characteristic likes the up side of the pant is wider than the under side. The chaak is open designed under the waist line to make the wearer feel free to move. Usually, salwar kameez is used as the complement of saree. Saree itself is a cloth that is consists of seamless fabric. Saree or shari usually used to cover petticoat or pavada/pavadai with blouse, choli, or ravika. Choli has low collar and short sleeves to adapt the South Asian people with the summer that is so hot.Women Clothing Brands in Pakistan

There are one more women clothes in Pakistan named Burqa or burqua. It is a kind of women cloth that is used to cover all part of Moslem women’s body. I think that’s all about women clothes in Pakistan I can share, hope it can help you to recognize Pakistani clothes.