Trendy Girls’ Simple Casual Wear

In our daily, we need everything that will make us feel comfort to do many activities. Certainly we won’t wear a formal suit to hang out, will we? It is natural for us to select the clothes and outfits that are suitable with the programs we have. If we just need to go hang out, go to the beach, and watching movie in cinema, casual wears are the best friends. But, what kind of clothes that is included in casual wear and how to adjust them becomes great combination? Let us see the answer.Simple Casual Wear

As a girl, you must be known about shorts, tops, pants, and the others. Those kinds of clothes are included in simple casual wear that you can wear for your in-formal programs. Now, let us try to combine them. About the short pant, it is good to be used with tank top and short sleeves tops. Make your simple casual wear looks trendy by adding casual belt and head accessories with it. Sneakers and loafers are the best footwear that you can wear with this combination.Simple Casual Wear Pic

And the second combination between simple casual wears is with the long clothes. Long jeans and leggings are good to be used with long sleeves tops. It will be better if the color of those clothes is not too contrasted because it will create a harmony and aptitude that you need. Then, same colored flat shoes are the best footwear. If you think it is too simple, you can wear a vest or sweater with it.Simple Casual Wear Photo

Last idea about simple casual wear that I can give is about the dress, especially mini dress. There are many girls who love to wear mini dresses. But in some countries, girls with mini dresses are identical with naughty girls and impolite. If you live in one of these countries, you can outsmart this by wearing long pant with your mini dress. Even if it is looks not practical, it is still simple enough.