The Newest Casual Selena Gomez 2012 Style

Style, fashion, trend are some words that are identical with girls. Look around you and you will see many trendy girls in their fashionable clothing and stylish finery. I’m sure you must want to appear trendy too. Do not worrying that little problem because I will give you some inspiration about style from one of many popular trend setter in this world, Selena Gomez.Selena Gomez 2012 Style

Selena Gomez always renews her style year by year, including in this 2012 year. Now, watch some of Selena Gomez 2012 styles that may suitable for you. If you have a problem with simplicity, the first picture will help you to find the best simplicity in your outfit. It is easy to create a simple casual suit; you just need to combine your sleeveless top with your mini skirt and it is over. It is so easy, isn’t it? Or is it too simple for you? Then, you can add your jeans vest as a complement. With this outfit, an ankle boots is a good selection of footwear.Selena Gomez 2012 Style Picture

Not too different with the first picture, the second one is also a simple clothing combination that is consists of long jeans with sleeveless top. The different is on the trouser and the skirt. This long jean is also good to be combined with your ankle boots. Then for your sleeveless top, a long scarf is good to cover your neck and a small part of your arm. This Selena Gomez 2012 style is suitable for summer season when the weather is so hot and you will need a fresh air for your body.Selena Gomez 2012 Style Photo

The ideas above about casual styled clothing are suitable for in-formal moments like your holiday to the beach, watch film in cinema, or just hang out with your friends. How about the stylish clothing for formal moments? A mini dress that the length is not reaching your knees is the best simple dress for in-formal and formal programs. Long sleeves jeans jacket is the best friend for your mini dress. I think all of this Selena Gomez 2012 style is enough for you. So, good luck in mix and matching your outfit!