The Most Popular Suit Ideas in Casual Style

Nowadays, jeans become the most popular clothes that are exploited by women and men, kids and adults to make their appearance looks trendy and cool in casual style. The most popular suit ideas in casual style are still the suit with jeans and T shirts. But there are many most popular suit ideas in casual style for men and women you can try to wear except the jeans pant and T shirt. If you want to know, you can stay here and keep reading this article.Most Popular Suit Ideas

First of most popular suit ideas in casual style is still about the jeans, but we will change the tops. Forget your T shirt, because you will be a chic and cute girl with a short sleeves nice blouse over your jeans pant. This idea is special for girls. How about for boys? Boys and men are able to wear the western style shirts or polo shirts. The collar will make your appearance looks mature and polite than if you wear your T shirt.Most Popular Suit Ideas Pic

Then as a complement you can cover your top with blazer or jacket. Let the button and zipper open so people can see the tops you wear under your blazer or jacket. About the suiting of blazer and jacket, you are allowed to choose the one you like. Leather blazer and jacket, jeans blazer and jacket, and the other options enable you to perfect your appearance.Most Popular Suit Ideas Photo

Last idea from the most popular suit ideas in casual style are about the footwear. What’s the most popular footwear you wear with casual clothes? Let me guess, it is sneakers, loafers, flat shoes, and high heels, right? Why don’t you try to wear boots? Ankle boots is the best boots you can wear in your feet. But it is okay if you want to wear knee high boots or high heels boots. Would you like to apply the suggestions here?