Some Ideas about Choosing Nail Art Short Nails

Nail is a special part of our body; it is the second part of our body that is so strong after the teeth. That is also the part you can show and use to impress people, by make it looks beautiful and charming. Nail divided in to two types, short nails and long nails. There are many ways you can do with your long nails, but there is limited way you can do to beautify your short nails. But don’t be worry because I have some ideas about nail art short nails for you with short nails.Nail Art Short Nails

If you want to make it looks great with nail polisher or false nail, you have to make sure that the nail art you use is not too much and able to make it looks harmony. Choose and pick maximal two colors for your short nails. If you use too many colors in your short nails, you will make it looks weird and ugly. Yes, adjust the color with the length of your nails. One only color will create a plain and boring impression.Nail Art Short Nails Simple

Bright colors nail art short nails are the best. But it is also good to use dark colors with glitter to make your short nails looks shiny and glittering. Or you can also combine dark color with bright color for your short nails, but don’t use the colors that are too contrast because it will make your short nails looks not pleasant.Black White Nail Art Short Nails

If you want to use the false nail art short nails, you have to make sure that the false nails’ length is not too long for your short nails and make sure that the design is matches. Don’t pick the false nails with complex design for short nails but choose the simple one with cute or cool style. It is better than the complex one.