Shirts — The Most Popular Man Clothing Style

Clothing style between men and women is not same. Watch some pictures below and you will see that man clothing style is identical with t-shirt that is covered by a long sleeved western style shirt with long trouser. Actually that is the most popular man clothing style that is always used by the majority of men in the entire of this world.Man Clothing Style

You can play up man clothing style by combining some clothes and wear it to hang out with your friends. Now, let us see some ideas about how to play up man clothing style based on the main man clothing style that is so popular. First, you can wear your short sleeves t-shirt and cover it with long sleeves or short sleeves western style shirt accord with your desire. Choose the shirts that the colors are not to contrast so you will look harmony in your appearance. Then, jeans or denim pant is a good choice that you can wear with your shirts.Clothing Styles Men

Next idea of man clothing style is like the picture below. You can wear your western style shirt under your sweater and cover it with your jacket that is the first idea of man clothing style. Or if you are too lazy to wear many clothes, a shirt with a sweater is not too bad to be tried. Or you can throw the sweater and wear your western style shirt with your jacket only. With this style, a long pant or jeans with sneakers are suitable.European Clothing Style

Last picture of man clothing style called European clothing style. It is so simple but charming enough as man clothing style. It is consists of a long sleeves with long pant only. As your footwear you are allowed to choose one of two kinds of footwear, sneakers or boots. That’s all that I can share with you, hope you can get the best man clothing style by your self.