Selena Gomez Style 2012 for Trendy Girls

Hi girls, how is your day? Do you still following the development of style? Here, I have some inspirations about style from the newest Selena Gomez style 2012 that you can try to change your old style to the new one. At least, there are three casual styles of Selena Gomez that are available in this article, watch, learn, and apply it in your clothing style, then become the most update girl.Selena Gomez Style 2012

When the weather is so hot whereas you are going to hang out with your friends, short pant or hot pant with sleeveless top is the best combination. A shirt from cotton that is able to pervade your sweat is a good top that will make you comfort during your activities along the day. With that combination, a pair of sneakers and a floaty bag is the best accessories. That was the first of Selena Gomez style 2012.Selena Gomez Style 2012 Picture

Are you planning to go to the mall? Or watch the movie in cinema? Then, you will need trendy clothing. Look at the second picture of Selena Gomez style 2012 and imitate the trendiness of her style by combining your long jeans with a shirt and make it perfect with a jeans vest. A pair of sneakers or boots is the best friend for this combination. You can beautify your appearance by wearing your necklace and belt that have same color with your shirt.Selena Gomez Style 2012 Photo

It is time for holiday! What is the first thing that is appearing in your mind? Beach? Perfect! Before you go to the beach you have to find the best suit that will make you feel comfort to enjoy your holiday around the water. Short jeans will allow you to play with the waves and you won’t feel heavy when your jeans touch the waters. With your short jeans, a long sleeves top is a good choice that is able to cover your hand from the sun shine and you can pull it when you are going to play in the sea.