Selena Gomez Red Carpet Fashion for Prom and Parties

Have you ever watch “Another Cinderella Story”? It is a good movie with a cute and beautiful actress as the main character as Cinderella. The girl I mean is Selena Gomez. That movie is only one from many movies with Selena Gomez as the main character. From those movies, Selena becomes popular actress that is also becomes a popular trend setter for the majority of young women or teenager girls in the entire of the world. Selena has attended many red carpet programs and she always wears different dress with different finery. Let us recognize them.Selena Gomez Red Carpet Fashion

The first Selena Gomez red carpet fashion that you can try to imitate is the one shoulder short dress. You can also wear your one shoulder short dress to attend a prom or cocktail party or birthday party with your high heels shoes. About your hair style, long curly hair style likes Selena Gomez’s hair is a good combination. Do you want to try it?Selena Gomez Red Carpet 2010

Next idea from Selena Gomez red carpet fashion is strapless waterfall dress. Dress without strap is identical with sexiness, but the waterfall design will change it to cute and nice impression. So it is also suitable for you who want to appear cutely and nicely in some parties. Due to the back part of the dress is so long, you need to wear your high heels shoes so you won’t step on your own dress and fall by your own false.Selena Gomez Red Carpet 2011

And the last Selena Gomez red carpet fashion is the v neck long dress. This dress is the most elegant and mature dress of Selena that will make you looks luxurious and glamorous. This dress is suitable to be used with gold necklace or diamond necklace that is able to consolidate the elegance. High heels shoes are also the best combination for this dress because its length is reaches the floor and it is bad for you which average in height.