Popular Art of Nail Design 2012

What kind of accessories do you like? Is it about the finery or makeup? Or is it about accessories for your nail? Here, inside this article I will share some nail design 2012 that is popular in this year. Each of nail design will give different impression accord with the color and motive of them. Now, watch the pictures and read the explanations below about three kinds of nail design 2012 that will beautify your appearance.Nail Design 2012

First picture shows us about the sweetness and cuteness of nail design 2012. Yes, pink color that is identical with girly and nice style will make your appearance looks sweet and cute if you use it as the color of your nail art. You can color your nails with nail polish or install the false nails in your nails. No matter which way you do, pink color of nail art will always make you looks girly especially if you wear your short dress and slipper with it.Nail Design 2012 Picture

Next, what do you think about the second picture of nail design 2012? It is looks cool, isn’t it? Yes, you can also increase your creativity by choose the nail art or nail polish that is looks unique and weird then apply it in your nails. This shoe motive nail art will make you looks great especially if you wear your jeans and sneaker with it. Casual styled shirt is also suitable to be combined with this nail design 2012.Nail Design 2012 Photo

Watch the last of nail design 2012, how does it look like? Dark colors are always identical with elegance and luxury. So dark colored nail art like this picture will make the wearer looks so elegant too. If you want to wear this kind of nail design, you can combine with long dress and high heels shoes with same color.