New Business Suits for Women 2012 with Accessory

As an employee, we need to obey all rules that we get from the office, include wearing a business suit or work suit. Hear about work suit, we will automatically think about boring classic styled blouse with tight skirt, so uncomfortable and unfashionable. But, do you know that work suit or business suit is always renewed and be more modern year by year? In this year, there are many new styles of business suits for women 2012 that may interest you. Do you want to know what are they?Business Suits for Women 2012

You can ignore your classic styled blouse and change it with a long sleeves turtleneck. Yes, this style is not casual style but it is included in business suits for women 2012. Under your turtleneck, you can wear a tight skirt with beautiful folds in the edge or in the center. It will make you looks elegant and beautiful but it is still able to make you looks formal and polite. About the shoes, slippers with closed toes are very boring. So you can wear a pair of high boots as the complement.Work Suits for Women 2012

Next of business suits for women 2012 is designed for short and fat women. This is about the combination between the suit and the shoes. It is not easy for short and fat women to find the fittest business suits for them. So they can try to wear a long sleeves short formal dress to work. Black colored or white colored long sleeves formal dress without glitters is the best cloth for plus size women to work. To make it looks match to work, a big belt is able to be combined with it. And to support their height, high heels shoes are the best footwear.Women Business Suits Womens Clothing

How if you want to wear an accessory to beautify your appearance in your business suits for women 2012? What kind of accessories that you can wear? A tie scarf is the best one because it is able to cover your neck but it is still able to make you looks nice and polite or formal. But don’t wear the tie scarf with the color that is contrast with the color of your suit because it will make you looks weird and not interesting.