Nail Summer 2012 for Finger and Toe Nails

Girls, wherever they live, will always love to beautify their selves by wearing fashionable clothes, using natural finery, and wear any beautiful accessory they have. If you are included in those girls, I’m sure you want to do same thing. Here, inside this article, you will see some pictures about nail summer 2012 that is popular in this year, especially in summer. You can watch them one by one, and beautify your nails by applying one or more ideas from me if you are interested. Now, let us see them all.Nail Summer 2012

There are some important things you have to know when you are deciding to use nail polish or false nails to your nails, especially in summer. First of nail summer 2012 ideas is about the color. The best colors you can apply in your nails are the soft colors or bright colors. Those colors are compatible to be applied in summer when the weather can be so hot. When the sun shine touches your bright colored nails, it will reflect the sun shine and glow perfectly.Nail Summer 2012 Trends

Beside the colors, you can also play with the pattern of your nails. Yes, the next of nail summer 2012 is about the combination between some colors. For example, you can use white color in three of your nails and use the other color likes blue or green or the others in two other nails. It will look great and unique. But if you want to use more than one color for your nails, you have to make sure before that the colors are not too contrasted so it won’t make you look weird.Summer 2012 Nail Color

If you love to hang out with your sandal, you can also apply your nail summer 2012 in your toe nails and make it looks compact and harmony with your finger nails.