Modern Trendy Casual Sherwani with Jeans for Grooms

In India, many men wear sherwani for their wedding. Yes, sherwani is the wedding dress for men, for groom in India. Actually, sherwani is a custom cloth from India for men. But nowadays, it is not a boring custom cloth anymore because you can wear another cloth with the sherwani. Sherwani with jeans are now popular in India, many men, especially the young men love to wear sherwani with jeans for their modern wedding. Let us see their looks in their sherwani with jeans.Sherwani with Jeans

Sherwani is a long cloth. Its length is reaches under the knee or touches the calves of legs. The design of sherwani is also available in many options, you can choose the one you like accord with your desire or adjust the design with the bride’s Shari. And now, you can wear your selected sherwani with jeans as your pant. You will be able to be a trendy groom along your casual wedding. Yes, you can plan a casual wedding party and wear your sherwani with jeans there.Sherwani and Jeans

Don’t ever use sherwani with jeans if you have a formal wedding because it is not polite and it is also not matches with the theme. In a formal wedding, you can wear a turban over your head with formal sherwani and fabric pant. But in your casual wedding, you are allowed to forget your turban and wear the sherwani with jeans you have chosen. Before you choose the sherwani with jeans, you better ask your bride about what cloth or dress will she wear in your wedding, so you can choose the compact wedding dress for harmony wedding.Indo Western Sherwani with Jeans

Don’t forget to check the sherwani with jeans, if it is too looser too tight, you have to ignore it and find the other else that’s fitter and comforter than before that is also enables you to move freely and comfortable.