Modern Indian Dresses Design Ideas for Men and Women

In India, there are some traditional clothes for men and women that are very popular for the Hindu people in the entire of the world. What are they? It is good for us to know their clothes so we can recognize the country of people when we see people wearing the clothes. Here are some traditional clothes from Indian that I know and I share to you. Watch the Indian dresses design ideas one by one for perhaps you are interested to having one or more than them.Indian Dresses Design Ideas

First of Indian dresses design ideas is custom cloth for men called Kurta. Kurta is a long sleeved loose cloth that the length is reaches the knees. Even if kurta is designed for men, women can wear it too. Kurta usually used with pajama, shalwar, churidar, and dhotis. But as modern Indian dresses design ideas, kurta is also suitable to be used with jeans. Kurta usually used in daily and also a good cloth that is able to be used to attend formal programs. Although kurta is popular in 1960 to 1970, now, it becomes popular once again as modern Indian dresses design ideas.Indian Clothes Designs Kameez

Next of Indian dresses design ideas is Salwar kameez. This Indian dresses design ideas is usually used by men and women in India that the top part of the pant is wide and the under part is tight. Yes, it is loose designed to make the wearer feel comfort and free to do anything. Women usually wear this custom cloth as the complement of Shari. And the last Indian dresses design ideas is Shari. It is a seamless fabric that is used by women. The length of Shari reaches 4 to 9 meters and it is usually used with many styles. Shari usually used to cover the petticoat or lingerie with choli blouse or ravika.

I think that’s all information I have about Indian dresses design ideas, hope all of them are enough to give you some ideas about how is the looks of Indian people. So, see you in the other articles.