Luxury of Lace Kebaya for Luxurious Women

Kebaya is a traditional blouse that is used by Indonesian women, made of thin suiting that is usually used with sarong, batik, or the other traditional crocheted clothing like colorful patterned pry out. In Indonesia itself, you can find kebaya in some cities like Malacca, Java, Bali, Sumatera, and Sulawesi. Before the era of 1600, in Java, kebaya is usually used only by the family of kingdom. Nowadays, kebaya has been change from the woven product from suiting of batik to the silk with colorful embroidered.Lace Kebaya

Nowadays, there is a new design of kebaya that is also popular in Indonesia, it is lace kebaya. Lace kebaya is a kind of kebaya that is made of lace fabric. Lace itself is a very good fabric with high quality and expensive price. The price is expensive, but it is actually balance with the quality of the fabric that is good in quality and characteristics. Lace fabric is stronger than the other fabric that is usually used to make kebaya, therefore the price is also stronger.Lace Kebaya Picture

Another reason about why is it expensive is about the softness of suiting. Lace kebaya is made of very soft suiting that will make you feel comfort and smooth when you are wearing that kebaya. Actually, lace kebaya is softer than the other suiting of kebaya, and its softness is also has a special role to make the price getting more and more expensive.Lace Kebaya for Graduation

Because its price is not cheap, lace kebaya usually present with elegant colors like red, magenta, maroon, gold, and silver. Those colors are the best and the most suitable colors for lace kebaya because they are able to make your appearance looks more elegant and glamorous. If you want to make a lace kebaya, you better have a plan to wear it as often as possible because its price is expensive and it won’t give you benefit if you are not wearing it.