Kebaya Dress for Women, Girls, and Kids

Kebaya is a traditional blouse that is used by Indonesian women, made of thin suiting that is usually used with sarong, batik, or the other traditional crocheted clothing like colorful patterned pry out. In Indonesia itself, you can find kebaya in some cities like Malacca, Java, Bali, Sumatera, and Sulawesi. Before the era of 1600, in Java, kebaya is usually used only by the family of kingdom. Nowadays, kebaya has been change from the woven product from suiting of batik to the silk with colorful embroidered.Kebaya Dress

Nowadays, kebaya is available in many selections of design, style, color, and model. You can wear any designed kebaya that you want for every moment. There is an interesting design of kebaya that is also called kebaya dress. Kebaya dress is a style of kebaya that its long is reaches our heels. With this kebaya dress you won’t need to choose any fabric or sarong that is suitable to be combined with your kebaya that is only for top.Kebaya Dress Moslem

Kebaya dress modern is the most popular, it is looks like a long nigh gown but it is more elegant because the accessories and the fabric of kebaya itself will looks shining when the light touch it. You can wear your long kebaya dress for many moments, like go to your children’s graduation ceremony, attending formal parties, and other moments. If you are Indonesian people, you can wear your kebaya dress to attend some programs in another state and show them the elegance of Indonesian kebaya.Kebaya Dress Modern

Kebaya dress is also available for kids and young women with simpler styles. Teenagers and kids usually hate to wear crucial clothing that will make them feel un-comfortable and narrow. So, simple designed mini kebaya dress or simple styled long kebaya dress is the most suitable for them. If you do not wear kebaya for many moments, or if you need to wear kebaya for once, you better hire it in clothing rental. But if you will wear kebaya for often, you can ask the tailor to make your kebaya dress with the design, style, and color that you want.