Indonesian Wedding Gowns for Traditional Styled Wedding

Before you held your wedding ceremony and your wedding party, you have to prepare many important things that will make your wedding moment become your best moment and impress your guest who comes in to your wedding moment. There is the most important thing that you have to prepare perfectly, that is more important than all aspects of wedding that you have to prepare. What is it? It is the cloth that the bride should wear in wedding, called wedding dress or wedding gown.Indonesian Wedding Gowns

There are many types of wedding gowns that are available, usually each country have their own wedding gowns. If you are interested to wear traditional wedding gown, you can watch some wedding gowns from some countries. One of many traditional wedding gown designs is Indonesian wedding gowns. Yes, Indonesia has a special wedding gown that is different with another wedding gown. These Indonesian wedding gowns usually made of kebaya, special fabric from Indonesia.Indonesian Wedding Gowns Picture

Indonesian wedding gowns usually consists of kebaya, sarong, slipper, and head dress. In past, Indonesian wedding gowns is consists of traditional kebaya that the under part of sarong has very small space so the bride can’t step easily and it makes the bride feel un-comfortable. But nowadays, you can wear Indonesian wedding gowns with modern modified kebaya that will always make you feel comfort in its elegance.Indonesian Wedding Gowns Photo

Design and pattern of Indonesian wedding gowns are also available in many selections, such as kebaya long gown, short sleeves kebaya, and many others. You can ask the couturier to make your Indonesian wedding gowns accord with your desire about the design, pattern, and color. Do not forget to adjust the color of your Indonesian wedding gown with the theme of your wedding party so you will get the best and the most special wedding party.