How to Make Your Blue Jeans for Men Looks Like New

Have you ever hear about blue jeans? Yes, it is one of many jeans’ types that are popular in the entire of the world. Many people loved to wear blue jeans to go wherever they want, perhaps you are included in those people who loved jeans, especially blue jeans, so much and always wear your blue jeans every moment. If you always wear your blue jeans for men, you will make your blue jeans’ color looks pale or faded, and it will make your appearance looks bad and un-interesting.Blue Jeans for Men

You have to know some popular tricks that will make your beloved blue jeans for men durable and always looks like new. The most popular trick is washing your new blue jeans for men with water and salt. Water with salt won’t make the color of your new blue jeans easy to be pale or faded. In past, wash clothing with salt is needed because there was no laundry products like nowadays. Even if the period is getting modern, washing new blue jeans using water with salt still the easiest and the most practical way to keep the quality of your beloved jeans good.Cargo Blue Jeans for Men

There are some easy steps that you can do if you want to wash your new blue jeans for men using water with salt in this article. Read, watch, and learn, then apply all of the steps when you want to wash your new blue jeans.Dockers Blue Jeans for Men

First, mix 2 (two) spoons of salt and 5 (five) liters cold water in a bucket. Next, insert your blue jeans for men to the solution of salt; make sure that all surfaces of your blue jeans for men are submerged. Then, submerge your blue jeans for around an hour. Fourth, return your blue jeans, so the out part of your blue jeans becomes the inside part. Last, wash your blue jeans manually or use the washing machine with general soap and dry it up. By applying those steps, you will always get new blue jeans everyday.