Casual Style 2012, Special for Women

Style is divided in to three types, casual, semi formal, and formal. Here, we will talk about the first one, casual style that is popular in this year. Casual style just like the other style will always blossom out accord with the development of the era. Casual style 2012 that’s popular in this year will make you looks more modern and trendy. What can you wear as casual style 2012 for hang out and enjoy your holiday? I have several ideas, would you like to check it?Casual Style 2012

In this article, the majority ideas are designed for women, but the inspiration is also be valid for men who look for the casual style 2012. You can see some pictures below and watch the most popular clothes you can wear as your casual style 2012; it is jeans and T shirts. But you can make it looks more modern and trendy by cover your T shirt with your blazer then wears same colored shoes to make it looks harmony too.Rihanna Casual Style 2012

Some actresses can also be the model who you can imitate the style; Rihanna for example, in some moments she just needs to wear her long jeans pant with sweater, completed with a pair of boots and a hat for the accessory. You can imitate her style and wear the other accessories you want to perfect your appearance. Make it looks cool by the accessories you choose.Kim Kardashian Casual Style 2012

Another actress is Kim Kadarshian. She is also a stylish woman with her casual style 2012. If you watch it clearly, you will see that her casual style 2012 is very popular. The picture of Kim is same with the first picture I have, so you can imitate it and use the same casual style 2012 in your daily and make it looks great for your bustles.