Casual Ideas from Jessica Alba Casual Style

Jessica Alba is a popular actress in Hollywood who becomes a trend setter for many women and girls in the entire of the world. You can imitate her clothing style and use it to dress up your self before you are going to the party and meeting. In this occasion, I will show you some ideas of Jessica Alba casual style that may give you some inspiration about your casual clothes and styles for in-formal programs. Let us see them one by one.Jessica Alba Casual Style

If you want to appear with sporty style, you can get the inspiration from the first Jessica Alba casual style above. Yes, you can steal her style by wearing your lose shirt and short pant with your sporty sneakers. It is suitable for you if you want to go to the beach or even hang out in the mall. This casual style is very practical and simple so you will feel freer and comfort to enjoying your days and activities with it.Jessica Alba Casual Style Picture

The other simple Jessica Alba casual style is about the skirt or dress. Look at the next inspiring picture above and watch the simplicity of Jessica’s clothing here. Yes, you can hang out or walking around with your short simple designed skirt and sleeveless top if you can feel comfort with this style. It is better for you to wear bright or soft colored clothes if you want to go out in the days because it won’t catch and channelize the heat of sun shine and automatically makes you feel comfort. Then, you can wear same colored high heels shoes, bag, necklace, and belt as your accessories.Jessica Alba Casual Style Photo

The last of Jessica Alba casual style is suitable for you who don’t want to show the prettiness of your body. You can wear your short sleeves or sleeveless top and cover it with your jacket or hoodie. Then, you can wear your legging that the color is harmony with your top and jacket. As the completeness, thigh high boots and bag will be a good choice for your close casual style.